Marion Berry Kush - A first choice for the heaviest of Indica lovers.

40% sativa/60% indica

A cross between Raspberry Kush and Space Queen

Looks: Heavily stacked swollen calyx with a vast array of purple hues. These buds typically flower with a dense covering of obnoxiously long trichomes,  giving it an almost moss like appearance.

Feel:  Tight Small buds

Smell:  We find it to be similar to a “cheesy popcorn”.  Very Kushy….musky and earthy.

Taste:  Very Kushy taste.  Earthy undertones

Effects:  A full head-high hits hard and fast wich mellows into a relaxing indica high.  Very cerebral, almost psychedelic. A happy giggly effect. Get out the munchies and prepare for a heavy stone, leading to a long nap! It also has aphrodisiac qualities!

Medical Benefits:  An excellent pain reliever for treating chronic symptoms.  Fatigue relief. Relieves symptoms of depression and glaucoma.  Very cerebral almost psychedelic effect lending to its significant mind relief.  Known to have effects on; Bipolar disorder, Depression, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Migraines, Insomnia, Appetite Loss, and Stress.


1 Gram - $15

1/8 - $35

1/4 - $65

1/2 - $125

Oz - $230

Marion Berry Kush

  • Please keep in mind, when choosing a strain that all bodies are different and process THC at different rates of metabolism.

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