Querkle - Considered to be our small batch family favorite!

60% sativa/ 40% indica

A hybrid flower cross of Jacks Cleaner,  Purple Urkle, and Space Queen.

Looks: A heavily crystalized, purple hue colored plant.

Feel : Consistently uniform and incredibly dense

Smell : Sweet Grape with a sour/musky undertone

Taste :  A sweet grape taste with undertones of sour berries

Effects : A very potent strain. Provides a happy mellow body buzz while still leaving you with a coherent awareness.

Medical Benefits: Useful for side effects of PTSD,  also known as a anxiety reducer, appetite enhancer, natural painkiller. Relieves chronic pain.


1 Gram - $15

1/8 - $35

1/4 - $65

1/2 - $125

Oz - $230


  • Please keep in mind, when choosing a strain that all bodies are different and process THC at different rates of metabolism.

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